Minnesota Collision Resulted In Fatality

On any given morning, Minnesota highways are typically filled with travelers who are commuting to work. Such travelers are often at risk for personal injury if a collision occurs, especially if a particular driver is distracted or reckless behind the wheel. On a recent Thursday morning at approximately 6 a.m., a tragedy occurred.

Pickup trucks wound up colliding head-on on the roadway

Following preliminary investigations, police were still not sure why two vehicles were traveling toward each other on the roadway. What they did learn, however, was that two pickup trucks crashed head-on. Investigators also stated that one of the drivers was not wearing proper seat restraint when the collision occurred.

Head-on crashes often have tragic outcomes

The blunt force trauma experienced by a person in a vehicle that has been hit head-on by another vehicle often results in serious, even life-threatening injuries. Many times, a crash is so forceful that death to a driver or passenger may be instantaneous. Other times, a person might initially survive his or her injuries but later die after being transported to a hospital or trauma center. Sadly, there was one fatality in the recent head-on collision.

Fatal collisions often lead to litigation

If a Minnesota collision that resulted in a fatality is believed to have been caused by another driver’s negligence, an immediate family member of the decedent may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court to seek compensation for damages. The grief of losing a loved one in a motor vehicle collision is intensified upon learning that the accident was most likely preventable were it not for another person’s negligence. This type of litigation is stressful, especially because details of a loved one’s death are openly discussed in the courtroom; however, an experienced injury law attorney can act on behalf of a plaintiff, which may help lessen his or her emotional stress.