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5 Ways To Sabotage Shared Child Custody

If sharing custody with an ex is a new experience, it may be difficult to know the boundaries at first. Both parents may have emotions about dividing parenting time with a former partner. However, Minnesota family courts generally assume it is in the best interests of the child for parents to have balanced time with the child. In order…

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Medication Errors Are Often Preventable

Millions of Americans, including many in Minnesota, are under doctors’ care that includes taking prescription drugs. These medications can alleviate pain, reduce the symptoms of a chronic condition or prevent certain conditions from becoming worse, among other important benefits. Prescription medications go through many steps before reaching the patient, and medication errors can occur at any time during the…

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Distracted Drivers Still Causing Fatal Auto Accidents

State and local jurisdictions nationwide spend millions of dollars in ad campaigns and public service announcements about the dangers of distracted driving. Lawmakers frequently approve increasingly stricter penalties for distracted driving. Nevertheless, motorists in Minnesota and across the country continue to believe they can multi-task behind the wheel. Thousands of distracted driving auto accidents occur each year in this…

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