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Co-Parenting Your Teen After Divorce

Being a parent is rewarding in so many different ways, but it also has plenty of challenges. From toddler tantrums to preteen drama, you have had no shortage of hurdles to clear. Things are different now, though. Not only is your child a teenager, but your divorce is making things even more complicated for both of you. You are…

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Nursing Home Negligence Leads To Man’s Death

Families who choose nursing homes for the care of their loved ones must often take a tremendous leap of faith. They place their parents or other family members in the hands of strangers who supposedly have the skill and experience to tend to their personal and medical needs. Families may also hope the staff has the training and dedication…

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Looking On The Bright Side Of Divorce

Minnesota spouses who are considering divorce often weigh the pros and cons before coming to a decision. This is a smart idea since jumping into something as life-changing as a marriage breakup is not something one should do recklessly. For those who are unhappy about their spouses’ decision to end the marriage, it can be difficult to see the…

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