Nursing Home Negligence Leads To Man’s Death

Families who choose nursing homes for the care of their loved ones must often take a tremendous leap of faith. They place their parents or other family members in the hands of strangers who supposedly have the skill and experience to tend to their personal and medical needs. Families may also hope the staff has the training and dedication to provide the most compassionate assistance possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, leaving many to suffer the effects of nursing home negligence.

An employee of a Minnesota nursing home is facing charges of criminal neglect following an incident that resulted in the death of a resident. The staff member supposedly took the man to the bathing room in a wheelchair where he bathed the resident and returned him to the chair without strapping him in. The employee claims he then began cleaning and restocking the tub room.

While the employee had his back to the resident, the man apparently fell out of the wheelchair, striking his head and side. The employee called for help, and other staffers helped him clean the resident up, change him into pajamas and put him to bed instead of seeking medical help. Doctors later discovered that the resident had a brain bleed and several broken ribs that caused his lung to collapse. He subsequently died from his injuries.

Nursing home negligence and incompetence can have tragic results when dealing with those who are fragile and vulnerable. Minnesota families whose trust in nursing home staff is betrayed may wonder about their options for pursuing justice. They may find their answers by consulting an experienced attorney.