Night Driving Risks Can Lead To Personal Injury

Driving at nighttime caries an increased risk for collision in Michigan and elsewhere. There are several specific risks involved with driving at night. Even if a driver is especially cautious and adheres to all traffic and safety regulations, another driver’s negligence could have disastrous consequences.

Head lights glaring can cause momentary blindness

It is always best to avoid looking directly into the beams of light from oncoming traffic at night. The glare can be blinding, especially from high beams. This could impair the vision of an oncoming driver to such an extent that it causes a collision.

Colored lenses do not always help with night driving

Many people wear “night vision” lenses on their eyeglasses to help things appear brighter at night. However, this plan can backfire when driving in the dark because these lenses often block certain types of light, making it difficult to see pedestrians, road signs and traffic lights. A driver who is not paying close attention while wearing colored lenses could fail to stop at a red light and cause a collision.

Issues beyond lights and lenses that make driving at night more dangerous

It is important to make sure vision is not impaired while driving at night. However, it is equally important to avoid getting behind the wheel when feeling sleepy, or to safely pull off the road if he or she starts to nod off while already driving. If a collision occurs that results in injury to a passenger or someone in another vehicle, a recovering victim may have grounds for seeking restitution in a civil court based upon evidence of driver negligence.