Kelly Clarkson Shares How She Copes With Divorce

When a Minnesota married couple goes their separate ways, each spouse must come to terms with the situation in his or her own way. For spouses who are also parents together, coping with a divorce can be emotionally challenging. Singer/talk show host Kelly Clarkson recently mentioned several ways that she has found helpful as she does her best to rebound after her split from her spouse of nearly seven years.

Consider changing wall colors after divorce

Clarkson said that she was having a difficult time overcoming the sadness she was feeling after filing for divorce. While her career is booming, she still felt a need to make personal changes in her life to help cheer her up. She purchased a multi-million-dollar estate and says that most of the walls are white and that the brightness of her new home has been beneficial to her emotional health.

Clarkson said that music also helped her cope with her divorce

Clarkson has been open with reporters and fans in talking about the challenges she has encountered as she and her children in dealing with the divorce. The music artist has a new album in the works and says that music has been a creative outlet that has been tremendously helpful as she learns to process her emotions regarding the changes in her life. In fact, she also stated that she does not know how people are able to cope with divorce if they have no creative outlets in their life.

Family activities provide a healthy distraction

Two other main features of Clarkson’s new home are a tennis court and in-ground swimming pool. While not every Minnesota family is able to afford such luxuries, those who are coping with a divorce might find it helpful to try to stay physically active as they adapt to a new lifestyle. Clarkson and her ex have been entangled in litigation concerning commissions paid or not paid for services her ex-father-in-law’s company provided in her music career. Legal complications can make divorce all the more stressful; however, requesting a meeting with an experienced family law attorney may help alleviate stress. Such an attorney can recommend a best course of action to resolve a specific issue.