Car Accidents Involving High Speed Are Often Fatal

Every Minnesota motorist is obligated to drive safely, in accordance with all traffic laws, including obeying posted speed limits. Data shows that car accidents resulting in fatalities often involve one or more drivers who were traveling at a high rate of speed. Such was the case on a recent Monday night when a tunnel on I-94 became the scene of a tragedy.

Police say that speed was a factor

Details were not provided as to what the posted speed limit in the area happens to be, nor what speed the driver was traveling at the time. Investigators did state, however, that a vehicle that crashed was moving at a high rate of speed as it entered the tunnel. The driver was unable to control steering and struck a barrier wall just outside the tunnel opening.

The impact of the collision caused an explosion

During preliminary investigations, police determined that the vehicle slid into the tunnel after hitting the barrier wall. The impact of the collision caused the vehicle to explode. A nearby traffic safety camera contained film footage of the incident. Sadly, two people inside the vehicle did not survive the collision. A third person did survive and was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Similar cases in the past have led to litigation

There have been many Minnesota collisions that investigators determined were caused by driver negligence — specifically, drivers who disregarded posted speed limits in the areas where they were traveling. When a collision occurs that results in injury to a vehicle passenger, a driver in another car or a pedestrian, a recovering victim can seek restitution in a civil court by filing a personal injury claim against the person deemed responsible for damages. In cases where a fatality has occurred, an immediate family member may act on behalf of a decedent to seek financial recovery for their losses.