The Reasons For Divorce Are Countless

Many Minnesota couples learn quickly that it takes more than good looks and happy feelings to make a marriage last. For some, that means buckling down and getting to the hard work of learning to accept and even appreciate each other’s differences and bond over commonalities. Just as every marriage is different, so is every divorce. Nevertheless, there are some common reasons for divorce that counselors and attorneys see over and over throughout their practices.

Money disputes remain high on the list of reasons for divorce. Partners who are unable to resolve or blend their different philosophies for earning, saving, spending and borrowing money may find the conflicts too difficult to overcome. Infidelity, growing apart and a loss of intimacy remain on the list of reasons for divorce year after year. However, many couples now cite boredom, disillusionment or a slow growing apart as the cause for their breakup.

In years past, some marriage analysts warned that the first year together was the hardest. It is a time of adjustment and change. The year when a couple has their first child may also be stressful. Still others find the most difficult years are the ones after the children have grown and left home, leaving the couple as empty-nesters.

Whether a Minnesota couple has only a few years of marriage or many decades, divorce can be painful and stressful. Separating their joint lives fairly is challenging, especially if emotions are high or children are involved. Having an attorney from the earliest moments of one’s decision to divorce may relieve some of that stress and provide a calm and focused perspective at a confusing and difficult time.