Pedestrian Suffers Serious Injuries After Hit-And-Run

No matter how positive the health benefits, many pedestrians in Minnesota and across the country are aware that they are not always safe when they travel on foot. Drivers who are distracted, impaired, speeding or otherwise negligent create a deadly risk. Especially after dark, even common sense precautions may not be enough for a pedestrian to avoid serious injuries.

Recently, police received a call that an injured man was lying along the side of the road. Responders located the victim, who appeared to have been struck by a vehicle. He was having a seizure and was bleeding from his mouth. A medical team transported him to the hospital where doctors determined he had numerous critical injuries, including a head injury, bruising on his lung and a fracture in his spine.

Investigators gathered information, including paint chips at the scene and surveillance video. They located a vehicle with damage consistent with the victim’s injuries and arrested the owner of the car. Meanwhile, the victim is still unable to communicate with Minnesota police about the accident.

Injuries in a pedestrian accident can be catastrophic and life-changing. However, when the driver fails to stop and render aid, a victim with serious injuries loses precious time without medical intervention. This may require a longer hospital stay, more extensive procedures, and a long, painful recovery. In such cases, the victim has every right to seek appropriate compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. With the assistance of a skilled attorney, accident victims can seek the outcome they deserve.