Speeding Is One Of The Most Dangerous Driving Behaviors

As a responsible driver, safety must be a top priority. This is why motorists are encouraged to maintain the posted speed limit, which is created to ensure the safety of all who share the road. Driving over the speed limit can lead to crashes and can also result in more severe injuries. The following information illustrates the havoc speeding can cause, as well as what you can do to be a better driver overall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 27 percent of all traffic deaths occurring in 2016 were linked to speeding. Additionally, speeding has been implicated in the deaths of one-third of motorists over the last two decades. Despite efforts by government agencies and law enforcement, speeding still occurs. Many people blame traffic patterns or lateness as reasons why they choose to speed.

There are a few different reasons why speeding is so dangerous. If you’re going over the posted speed limit and see a hazard in the middle of the road, you’ll have less time to slow down before impact. Also, if you are involved in a crash while speeding, chances are good that the damage will be more serious. Speeding also decreases the control you have over your vehicle, which is crucial for proper maneuvering.

Maintaining a safe speed is one component of defensive driving. KidsHealth.org explains more about defensive driving habits, which all motorists are encouraged to adopt. You should also be aware of what’s going on around you, especially when it comes to other drivers. It’s also important to cut out all distractions, whether they entail eating behind the wheel or using a mobile device. Lastly, make sure you always leave a good distance between yourself and other vehicles. In most cases, three to fours seconds is a good rule of thumb.