Brain Injury From Collision Kills Eagan Woman

Some people in Virginia might wonder to what degree people limit their options for legal recourse the longer they wait to seek action. In perfect world, evidence, cause and prognostications may immediately indicate the need to file a lawsuit, yet in reality that rarely is the case. While the perception may exist that today’s society is overly litigious, most may actually tend to reserve the right to seek action until need forces them to do so. The decision to wait to act on a cause of action may or may not bar them from doing so in the future, depending on the unique circumstances of their incidents.

Take the case of an Eagan woman who was recently involved in serious collision with a semi-truck. The woman sustained several broken bones along with a traumatic brain injury in the accident. She ultimately held on for two months before succumbing to her injuries, leaving behind a husband and two small children.

The accident reportedly occurred due to the truck driver running a red light. The man also was reported to have numerous past citations. Whether or not any criminal or civil action is pending against him was not reported. One might think that civil action is no longer an option due to the fact that the victim has passed away. Yet in cases where one has a cause of action, that cause may survive them and pass on to their representatives, who can then pursue it in their stead. Cases such as the one mentioned here might also allow for wrongful death lawsuit to compensate the families of accident victims. Whichever course of action one pursues, their case may be bolstered if they have the expertise of an attorney to rely on.