Complex Factors Cause Auto Accidents

Sometimes Minnesota car owners recognize the signs that something is wrong with their vehicles. Other times the vehicles break down at the worst possible moments. Unfortunately, this may leave drivers stranded in dangerous spots, which can quickly lead to auto accidents if the road conditions are bad, other drivers are not alert or other factors exist.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, a man’s vehicle stalled under a bridge in the left lane of a highway. For unknown reasons, a passing SUV swerved into the left lane and clipped the side of the disabled vehicle. Soon afterward, a second SUV crashed into the back of the stalled vehicle, pushing it across the right lanes of the highway and sideswiping a passing pickup truck. The second SUV also struck the driver of the first vehicle, who had gotten out after his vehicle had stalled.

The aftermath of a serious accident

The 56-year-old driver of the first vehicle was transported to a Minnesota hospital. Media reports say his injuries were life-threatening. The complexity of accidents like this one often leaves victims and their insurers weighing the contributing factors.

For example, an accident victim who is not wearing a seat belt or someone who failed to maintain a vehicle for safe operations may have an especially difficult time obtaining the fair compensation they deserve. However, in auto accidents such as this one, it may also be important to examine whether defects in a vehicle caused it to stall or if the local government was negligent in maintaining safe road conditions. Having a skilled and aggressive attorney who will build and present a strong case can improve the chances of maximizing a claim successfully.