Summer Brings Its Own Risk For Auto Accidents

Now that the ice and snow of winter seem to have passed, Minnesota drivers may feel more confident hitting the road. Road conditions do greatly improve when the weather turns warmer, and many who would otherwise remain indoors during the unpredictable winter may venture out on a clear and sunny day. However, this may be just one of the factors that can increase the chances of suffering injuries in an auto accident.

Not only do more drivers hit the road in summer, but many are young and inexperienced. Teens no longer have school curfews and may be more reckless than older drivers. However, summer travelers who may be unfamiliar with local roads also present a hazard. Summer is also the time for road construction, bicyclists and wildlife that may venture onto the highways. Accidents at this time of year often involve these factors.

Of course, summer has its own weather. A summer storm with torrential rain, hail and damaging winds can create disaster in a moment for drivers who are unskilled for handling such conditions. Drivers who take reckless chances in bad weather can place many lives at risk.

An auto accident can occur in the blink of an eye no matter the weather or the time of year. Often accidents that lead to injuries are the result of someone’s negligent behavior. Those in Minnesota who suffer the pain of injuries, loss of income and other damages in a motor vehicle accident may wish to seek an attorney’s advice for pursuing compensation through the criminal courts.