Challenges Women Often Face After Divorce

Minnesota women who go through a divorce may experience different challenges in comparison to men. One of the biggest challenges they face has to do with a change in their finances. While men seem to increase their income after a divorce, women often experience more than a 20% decrease in their income and are more likely to live in poverty.

There are steps women can take to deal with the financial challenges that come during and after a divorce. Women may want to start putting money away as soon as they contemplate the possibility of a divorce. They will have to disclose this money during the divorce process, but it may give them what is needed to start the divorce. It is helpful for individuals to gather financial documents and start improving their credit score.

Another big concern that women have is their children. In order for a woman to properly care for her children, she has to care for herself. It may be beneficial to speak with a therapist or to have a support group that includes friends or family. This will allow a woman to talk about the situation and keep her social connections alive.

Divorce brings with it the challenge of turning one home into two separate households. Women are often concerned about where they will live and creating a safe home for their children. When determining where to live, it is good to realistically understand how much it will cost. The only thing that can make a broken heart worse is having it weighed down with financial problems that could have been avoided.

Women are often concerned about making sure that assets and debts are divided fairly during a divorce. An attorney may be able to provide information about dividing assets and debt, spousal support, child support and other matters that arise during and after a divorce.