How Can Dog Owners Be More Responsible?

Dogs add a lot of joy to people’s lives. However, dogs can also be quite threatening, especially when their owners fail to take the proper steps regarding training and obedience. Pet owners are obligated to prevent their animals from harming others or they may be held liable for dog bites or other issues. The Spruce explains a few of the many responsibilities of dog owners, many of which preserve the safety of their pets as well as other people.

Obedience classes get dogs acclimated to being around others. Along with people, these classes can also make a dog feel more comfortable when in the presence of other dogs. The more comfortable a dog feels in these situations, the less likely he is to attack or lash out. Keep in mind that even seemingly sweet and kind animals can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Additionally, the supposed threat may not even be legitimate but the dog might still lash out. Proper training can also provide the proper disciplinary tools to dog owners, which allow them greater control over their pet.

Dog owners should also follow all posted rules regarding leashes. Many public areas that permit dogs also require them to be on leashes at all times. Not only does this protect dogs, it also ensures they can be easily restrained should the need arise. In the event a dog is in an unleashed area, the owner should still observe the pet closely. Leaving a dog alone in a dog park can quickly lead to a serious issue, especially when there are many other animals in attendance.

Lastly, dog owners are encouraged to have their pet spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering are better for pets’ health in the long run, but the surgery also stops animals from trying to escape home to search for a mate. Pets that aren’t fixed are also prone to behavior issues, including increased aggression and erratic behavior. Regardless of the underlying reason, pet owners are solely responsible for any problems their animals cause, so it’s best to avoid these issues in the first place.