Am I In A Toxic Marriage?

Married couples are supposed to support one another through thick and thin. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A toxic relationship involves resentment, conflict, and unhealthy competition, all of which serve to undermine the union itself. Time offers the following signs of a toxic relationship so you can take the proper steps to care for yourself and your family.

You should be able to discuss anything with your partner. After all, marriage is not without its ups and downs, and the important thing is being able to address issues in a constructive way. This is not so with toxic relationships. You might feel as though you can’t broach any difficult subjects with your spouse, which guarantees that problems will never be resolved sufficiently. You may also experience an increase in symptoms of mental and emotional disorders.

While it’s true a person can’t necessarily cause such a disorder to develop in another, a bad relationship may trigger existing problems in a person with a past history of mental health issues. You might feel persistently depressed or experience anxiety as a result of an ongoing conflict. This leads to another hallmark of a toxic relationship; consistent unhappiness. Your spouse should contribute positively to your life for the most part. If you’re constantly unhappy or dissatisfied by your marriage, you must ask yourself why that is.

A toxic marriage can also affect other relationships in your life. If you find yourself pulling away from friends and family due to their negative comments about your union, consider the intent behind their statements. Most friends and family want what’s best for their loved ones. Additionally, if many people are all saying the same thing about your marriage, it’s likely to be true. If you’re at the end up your rope when it comes to relationship woes, it may be time to discuss the matter with a divorce attorney.