Parenting After A Divorce

Parenting is often challenging when mom and dad work at it together and live under the same roof. However, co-parenting after a Minnesota divorce takes on new complexity. At Trenti Law Firm, we often assist clients handle issues involving parenting plans and child custody.

According to International, many children thrive when their divorced parents have a cordial, stable relationship. They typically feel more secure and are less likely to develop depression or anxiety. Older children who understand divorce and understand you are communicating and working together often learn to problem-solve effectively and peacefully on their own. Consistent co-parenting also provides a solid example of how to build and maintain strong relationships.

If your child refuses to leave you to spend time with the other parent, there may be a specific cause. Take time to talk with your child and identify the reason they no longer wish to visit their other parent. It may be an issue that is easy to resolve, such as they do not have the toys they want to play with, or the other parent does not spend time with them while they are there.

Talk with your ex about what you discover. Small changes on both sides may settle the issue quickly. Try to remain calm about the situation as you and both discuss this sensitive topic. In some cases, your child may need some time and space to deal with the issue. However, if the refusal continues or your ex is resistant to making changes, counseling, mediation or other steps may help. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.