How Do I Get A Child Support Order?

When parents do not live together and raise a child together in Minnesota, the matter of child support often comes up. Under the law, the presumption is that both parents have an obligation to financially support their child. Typically, the parent who does not live with and provide daily care to the child pays child support. If you are the parent who should receive support, there are some options for getting an order.

To get child support, according to the Minnesota Courts, you need to secure a court order. If you and the other parent were married and got a divorce, then the court automatically includes child support in the final orders. However, if you were never married, then you may have a request made for you if you apply for public assistance.

If you were not married and are not on public assistance, you may initiate the process and request child support through the court. You may also apply for support through child support services. Keep in mind that you can only get support if you have lived in the state for at least 180 days prior to your petition.

The child support offices can assist you with the process. They also can help if you need to establish paternity or locate the other parent. Once you have support, the office is able to enforce the order and process the payments. Do note that to get such help, you must fill out paperwork and pay a fee. However, going through a child support office does expedite your case, meaning you will likely get support payments quicker. This information is for education and is not legal advice.