Wrongful Death: When To Act Quickly

At Trenti Law Firm, we know that there are few things that place more of an emotional burden on our clients than dealing with the untimely death of a loved one. We believe that, by placing the onus for financial support on the parties whose negligence caused our clients’ dismay, we are sometimes able to lessen the suffering of people who are already at the breaking point. To this end, we pursue every avenue available in the Minnesota legal system to obtain maximum compensation for our clients.

While many wrongful death clients lose loved ones in auto accidents or from extreme injuries at the workplace, some cases are not so straightforward. This is why we tend to prepare, on a case-by-case basis, a full preliminary investigative report before we advise our clients to pursue legal action. Of course, some situations warrant more expediency.

There are certain times when we believe it could be better to act quickly in these matters. Specifically, we tend to advise our clients towards rapid initial decisions when their wrongful death claim would involve a somewhat distant loss — for no other reason than the fact that Minnesota law provides a time limit to file suit for this type of case.

Aside from the statute of limitations, our clients might also experience a temporary lack of resources from the loss. In these cases, and when we have strong evidence to support our clients’ claims, we often move more aggressively to obtain the compensation our clients need.

Regardless of the situation, any delays we advise would be purely to gather adequate information to represent our clients. We know that these types of legal matters tend to add more stress to an already tense environment, and we work towards an efficient and favorable solution in all cases.