Minnesota Personal Injury Facts

Medical expenses, loss of income or earning capacity, funeral & burial expenses and damage to property are all examples of economic damages or out-of-pocket losses that are available to claim in a Minnesota personal injury case. Call Trenti Law Firm today to see if you have a case.

Under Minnesota Law there are a variety of medical expenses available for compensation if you suffered a personal injury. A few examples are: surgical, dental, ambulance, hospital and nursing services. But also extends to travel and translation expenses. Joseph Leoni of Trenti Law Firm has the experience to help you, today.

Did you know you could get compensation in a personal injury case for medical expenses that include remedial treatment and services for those injured and rely on spiritual healing through prayer and religious beliefs? Talk to a personal injury attorney at Trenti Law Firm to see if you qualify for this compensation.

You can claim punitive damages in a personal injury case if there is convincing evidence that the person at fault showed a deliberate disregard for the safety of others. Joseph Leoni has the personal injury case experience to help you with your case.

In Premise Liability cases the owner of the property has the duty to care and maintain the premises and to warn any visitors of any dangerous conditions that the property owner knows of or should know. If you were injured on another premises, contact Joseph Leoni at Trenti Law Firm, today.

Surviving family members of a loved one killed due to a wrongful death may seek financial compensation for the loss of financial support or services the deceased would have provided or performed. Have any questions, call Trenti Law Firm and a personal injury attorney can help you today.

Minnesota is one of many states that enforce all drivers to have No-Fault insurance. Meaning if you get injured in a car accident, compensation comes form your car insurance provider. For injuries and accidents not cover by your insurance, call Trenti Law Firm, they can help get compensation for your losses.

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