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In Minnesota, you are allowed to include medical treatment reimbursement for pain & suffering in a personal injury claim. Treatments for physical pain and well as emotional & psychological trauma are included. Keep a record of symptoms and the care you received and talk to a Virginia Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney at Trenti Law to start your claim

Psychological Trauma such as Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress are common outcomes of a personal injury and can be claimed as “pain and suffering” in Minnesota. If you were injured and received medical treatment for your psychological trauma contact the personal injury attorneys at Trenti Law.

When looking for compensation in a pain & suffering personal injury claim, the personal injury lawyers at Trenti Law suggest keeping a record of documentation for your claim. Document examples: photo’s of injuries, medical reports, prescription & over the counter medication receipts, bills for therapy, treatments and loss of wages or schooling. Contact us to start your claim today.

It is important to seek medical attention after a car accident, even if there is no visible physical injuries. There are times a person involved in an accident can experience injury symptoms a day or two after. If you were injured in a car accident contact the Virginia Minnesota personal injury attorneys @ Trenti Law, today.

Most common rear-end car accident injuries are: Mild stiffness and soreness of Neck & Back, Damage to Musculature & Disc of the Spine, Impact w/ steering wheel, dashboard, windshield & objects in the car to burns from airbag. If you are suffering from any of these injuries due to a car accident, contact a personal injury attorney in Virginia Minnesota to get compensation for those injuries.

The serious injuries occurred in a T-bone car accident are more intense and take longer to recover from due to the lack of protection and the point of contact. Most common t-bone car accident injuries are broken bones, damage to organs, head & brain trauma and lacerations from broken glass & metal. If you were seriously injured in a car accident, contact the Virginia Minnesota personal injury attorneys at Trenti Law today!

Contact the Virginia, Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys at Trenti Law today. We are ready to help you start your recovery.