Minnesota Parenting Time & Paternity Facts

The Virginia Minnesota Family Law Attorneys share 3 Minnesota Parenting Time & 3 Paternity Facts

3 Facts About Minnesota Parenting Time

Under Minnesota law, the noncustodial parent is eligible to receive a minimum of 25 percent of parenting time each month absent unusual circumstances. Contact the Virginia, Minnesota divorce attorneys to help create a parenting time schedule that will work for all those involved.

Many Court Orders provide for mediation prior to the filing of a motion for parenting time assistance in the event that issues arise with the parenting time schedule. Contact the Trenti Law Firm to discuss your options.

If one parent has interfered with the other’s parenting time, the latter may be entitled to compensatory (makeup) parenting time. Contact the divorce attorneys at Trenti Law Firm to discuss parenting time options.

3 Facts About Minnesota Paternity

If parents are unmarried when a child is born in the State of Minnesota, the mother automatically has sole legal and sole physical custody of the child until a court order establishes custody and parenting time. A family law attorney at Trenti Law can help you petition for custody and parenting time.

Unmarried fathers who wish to preserve parenting time should file a Petition for Custody and Parenting Time as soon as possible. Absent a parenting time order, a mother can move with the child outside of the State of Minnesota without a father’s permission. Contact the Virginia, Minnesota family law attorneys at Trenti Law to preserve your rights.

Paternity can easily be established when both parties sign the state’s Recognition of Parentage form acknowledging both mother and father are the child’s parents. The family law attorneys in Virginia, Minnesota are able to answer all your paternity questions

If you are in need of counsel or legal representation to determine paternity and parenting time schedules contact the Virginia Minnesota Family Law Attorneys at Trenti Law Firm.