Minnesota Dog Bite Laws Seek To Protect Victims

Even the friendliest dog can have its unpredictable moments. A frightened, injured or startled animal may instinctively snap a warning at someone who comes too close or presents a perceived threat. However, what happens when a dog attacks without provocation, inflicting serious wounds on an unsuspecting victim? In Minnesota, dog bite laws are quite clear that the owner of a dog is liable for any bites or injuries someone suffers in an unprovoked attack.

Not everyone can read the signs that a dog may bite. Children, for example, who are among the most vulnerable to attacks, may implicitly trust that a dog is friendly. The small size of a child may increase the potential for serious, life-threatening injuries, especially from large, strong dogs, such as pit bulls and rottweilers.

Dog bite injuries can include torn tissue, crushed or broken bones, internal injuries and permanently disfiguring wounds. A bite to the throat may prove fatal. Victims of dog bites run a high risk of infection. If the injuries require hospitalization or surgery, the victim may expect to stay in the hospital three days or longer, racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills.

A dog that bites is the responsibility of the owner. Those in Minnesota who suffer injuries or loss from a dog bite may have many questions about their options for seeking justice. A skilled attorney can guide dog bite victims through the civil court process of pursuing compensation for their pain and suffering.