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Wills And Trusts

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Many individuals and families believe they do not need a will, or believe they are too expensive or unnecessary. Some believe they are too young to think about what happens to their assets when they pass away. Death, however, comes without warning, and when it does a will could prove to be invaluable for your surviving family.

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If you die without a will in place, the State of Minnesota will determine how your property and assets are divided among your legal heirs. More often than not, a person’s interests regarding how his/her property is handled do not align with the state’s determination. A will and proper estate planning offer the greatest freedom to dispose of property as desired. It will also save on costs associated with the transference of property to friends and family.

Another aspect to be considered in pre-death planning is adopting a trust. A trust detaches the legal ownership of an asset or property from the benefit or use of that property. It enables you to transfer your property and assets to designated beneficiaries. It is in your best interests to plan for the future, and investment in a trust or a will can avoid difficulties that would burden your loved ones if such documents would be absent in your death.

Protecting Your Rights

Wills and trusts are valuable documents when it comes to post-death scenarios. Without these records, your family would be required to go through probate court and endure a series of legal undertakings and fees. Furthermore, when you die without a will in Minnesota, the government does not consider what you would have wanted. Rather, a legal method divides your assets among your legal heirs. If you would like control over what happens to your hard-earned property after your death, invest in an attorney today to help you draw up a will or trust.

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A few hours spent now with our staff will ensure that your property is divided according to your requests. If you already have a will, trust or estate plan, we would be pleased to examine it and make recommendations and revisions that will be beneficial to you and your family. With the help of our experienced wills & trust attorneys in Virginia Minnesota you can guarantee that your wishes will be met when the time comes.

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