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Child Custody

Virginia, MN Child Custody Lawyers

Work Toward A Custody Solution That’s Best For Your Child

When you are going through a divorce, the child custody and visitation agreement may be the most important aspect of your case. As a parent, you want to maximize the amount of time you get with your child. But you also do not want your divorce to have a negative impact on your child’s future.

Trenti Law Firm works closely with you to find the most reasonable and effective child custody solution that protects both your rights as a parent and the well-being of the child. We firmly believe that compassionate guidance is the key to a successful future for your family, and dedicate our experience and insight to helping your family start a better next chapter.

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Seeking Collaborative Solutions For Child Custody Outside of the MN Family Courts

While some custody battles take the fight to the courtroom, we explore every possible avenue for compromise during negotiations. Not only does this allow us to work with both parents to consider solutions that are outside the box, but it puts the decision-making in your hands — not the hands of a family court judge. By keeping both parents actively involved in the future of their child, you can minimize the negative effects your divorce may have as they grow up.

Trust In The Experience Of Trenti Law Firm

Since 1960, Trenti Law Firm has helped families move past even the most contentious disputes and put their best foot forward in the years to come. We bring decades of experience to every case we take, working personally with clients to get the results they need.

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