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Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights Attorneys In Virginia, Minnesota

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If you are a landowner, or plan on purchasing land, one common issue that you should be aware of is mineral rights ownership. It is fairly simple to designate who owns the surface of the land; it is more complicated to define who owns what is underneath the surface. In Minnesota, some mineral rights are owned by the state while other minerals are owned by private parties. If you are in a situation where you are unsure of or in dispute about who has ownership, the help of an experienced attorney will prove to be invaluable.

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Protecting Your Rights

Ownership of mineral rights in northeast Minnesota, with its extensive iron mining history, can be financially rewarding. Obtaining or establishing your rights to the minerals on your property requires vigilant protection to avoid forfeiture to the state. It is important to understand that in some situations, a severance of rights can occur; which is separating the ownership of the surface property from the ownership of the minerals below the surface. To discover whether or not a severance has occurred, the owner should contact an attorney to examine the title of the property. Mineral rights law can be confusing and complex; hence the advice and representation provided by a knowledgeable attorney will be a great asset to your endeavors.

The Trenti Law Firm Can Help

The mineral rights attorneys at Trenti Law are skilled in determining ownership of the mineral rights and other land dispute issues. Our firm has been handling the ownership and transfer of mineral rights for families, mining companies, and land developers for many decades. This practice originated over 40 years ago, passed on from our predecessors Vern Saxhaug and Robert Stephenson. If you have any issues regarding this area of law, our lawyers will be happy to assist or represent you in a legal setting.

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