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Snowmobile Accidents

Virginia, MN, Snowmobile Accident Lawyers

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Minnesota offers innumerable opportunities for snowmobiling enthusiasts, along trails and across frozen waters. Unfortunately, this sport is accompanied by a risk for collision, rollover, and other causes of personal injury. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed during a snowmobile-related incident, you may be legally entitled to compensation.

At Trenti Law Firm, we have represented numerous clients who have suffered injuries in snowmobile accidents throughout our decades of practice. Our experienced legal team can get to work investigating all aspects of your accident to determine fault and potential liability. These types of accidents can be complex matters in which various factors must be identified and analyzed for relevance in supporting a personal injury claim against another party. Through diligence and detail, our team can work to help you seek appropriate compensation in valid claims.

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Snowmobile Accidents in Minnesota

Every year, people are injured and even killed in snowmobile crashes. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reported 90 snowmobile accidents in 2020, along with three deaths, and 73 injuries. Many of these involved striking a fixed object and were alcohol-related.

Many snowmobile accidents are a result of alcohol consumption, while others are caused by speeding, trail visibility, or thin ice.

Snowmobile accidents can involve various scenarios involving both drivers and passengers, such as:

  • Colliding with other snowmobiles
  • Colliding with other objects
  • Being hit by a car or truck
  • Being run over by a snowmobile
  • Crashing because of defective or hidden conditions on someone else’s property
  • Manufacturing defects in snowmobiles or component parts
  • Hazardous trail conditions
  • Adverse weather conditions

Aside from speed and alcohol, snowmobile accidents are also caused by driver inexperience. lack of operational training, and poor judgment.

Snowmobile Injuries

Injuries from snowmobile accidents can range from whiplash, sprains, and lacerations to more serious injuries, such as fractures, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord damage. These more severe injuries can lead to long-term or even permanent disability in which victims will need ongoing medical care and other accommodations to support the changes in their functional abilities.

In the wake of an accident, it is first and foremost important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Some medical costs can be recouped through legal action if another party is held to be liable.

Liable Parties

Various parties may be liable in a snowmobile accident that occurred through negligence, depending on the circumstances. Personal injury claims may be filed against homeowners, motorists, or manufacturers and their respective insurers. These are established legal routes used to protect innocent snowmobilers from the debilitating effects of personal injury (physical, emotional, or otherwise), loss of wages, or, in extreme cases, loss of life. Trenti Law Firm is highly-experienced at holding those responsible for preventable accidents accountable through settlement negotiations or in court.

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