Warnings Can Protect Patients From Dangerous Medications

Millions of people experience improvement in their quality of life through the use of prescription drugs. Advances in research have resulted in medications that treat chronic conditions, minimize symptoms and control pain for those who are suffering. However, in some cases, the use dangerous medications leaves patients in far worse condition.

It is critical that patients read the instructions on their prescription labels and follow those instructions carefully. However, even when they do, many medications still have side effects. Drug manufacturers and doctors must decide if the side effects, such as dizziness, nausea or others, outweigh the benefits of the drug. Additionally, anyone taking a prescription drug should understand the potential for dangerous side effects in order to make an informed decision.

Who is responsible?

Real harm may occur when doctors or pharmacists do not share this information with their patients. On the other hand, drug companies have an obligation to include information about the potential side effects on the packaging. Many drugs contain dangerous ingredients and some have not gone through the appropriate testing before they reach the market, leaving patients at risk of serious injury.

It may seem insurmountable to fight a big pharmaceutical company even after dangerous drugs have resulted in serious harm or death. Nevertheless, there are steps a patient can take to pursue compensation from those whose negligence led to tragic consequences. The first step is to contact a legal professional with experience handling product liability cases who can evaluate the situation and offer an honest opinion.