How Can Passenger Vehicles Safely Share The Road With Bikers?

Melting snow breeds excitement for Minnesotans gearing up to make the most out of the upcoming summer months. You may plan to get your boat in the water as soon as possible, take your camper on a road trip or explore the state parks. However, no matter where the roads lead you this summer, you must remain aware of motorcycles around you.

Three ways motorists can make the roadways safer for bikers

Naturally, bikes lack airbags, seatbelts and the framed protection of larger vehicles. Since safety is a shared responsibility among all drivers, there are some steps you can take to increase road safety for all.

  • Allow time. Bikers may require more stopping time than larger vehicles, since over braking could send a bike into a slide, especially if the roads are sandy or wet. Following too closely or cutting in front of a motorcycle could become fatal.
  • Exercise caution. Due to the small size of motorcycles, your vehicle’s blind spots may not allow you to see a biker in the adjacent lane. Be sure to thoroughly check your immediate surroundings before moving over or making a turn.
  • Provide space. Since bikes are smaller than cars and trucks, you might be tempted to share a lane while passing. However, state laws require you to make a complete lane change to pass.
    A motor vehicle accident can cause physical, emotional and financial devastation for those involved, and in many cases, a biker could hold you accountable for their injuries.

Rather than face blame, guilt and expense of causing a motorcycle accident, keeping your attention focused on the road and your surroundings can help you increase the chances of safe travels, not only for yourself but also for those around you.