What Are Some Summer Driving Hazards To Avoid?

While summer doesn’t entail the same road hazards as winter, Minnesota motorists will still encounter quite a few risks. Knowing how to anticipate these risks, and ultimately avoid them, is the key to keeping you and other drivers safe. Travelers explains the steps you can take to stay safe on the road this summer.

Many road projects are put off until the spring and summer months. This leads to traffic backups and congestion by the time hot weather rolls around, which makes driving far more frustrating. If you know a road is being worked on, look for a reliable detour until construction is complete. If you must drive through an active work zone, be sure to follow all posted rules. Obeying the speed limit is vital, both to prevent collisions as well as to keep workers safe.

Summer traffic can also increase in other ways. For example, you’ll probably encounter more pedestrians and cyclists while you’re out and about. Take caution when driving through intersections, even if you have the right away. There is a chance a pedestrian may appear suddenly, especially in areas with a lot of children around. When it comes to bicycles, be alert when driving. If you notice a cyclist, provide ample room and watch for hand signals to indicate where the cyclist may go.

You should also be cautious when driving around motorcyclists. They can easily fall into your vehicle’s blind spots, which highlights the importance of physically checking for vehicles when turning or changing lanes. You also want to keep some distance between your vehicle and motorcyclists. This will help you stop in time should a motorcycle in front of you make a sudden maneuver.