What Is Road Rage?

Many accidents in Minnesota happen because people get impatient or upset when behind the wheel. In some cases, these incidents are due to more than just an aggravated person. They are a result of road rage. How Stuff Works defines road rage as extremely aggressive behavior that results from driving.

This is abnormal behavior. It is not normal to get so upset by driving that you want to harm another person or act in overly aggressive ways towards another driver. Road rage can get so bad that it escalates to physical assault or property damage that is purposely done. It typically involves heated confrontations.

Road rage is often triggered by the actions of other drivers. It does not always have to be another driver, though. Pedestrians, bicyclists and anyone on or near a roadway could trigger it. It causes irrational actions and impulsive decision-making. If you have road rage, you may feel out of control of your actions. You may want to punish the person who is causing you to have these feelings.

Experts say road rage stems from stress. It makes you perceive the actions of others as a direct assault on you even if they are not. You lose the ability to think through things in a normal and healthy way. It leads you to act in ways you probably would not in normal situations.

If you have a problem with road rage, you should seek help before it escalates. If you come into contact with someone who has road rage, you should get away from them as quickly as possible. This information is for education. It is not legal advice.