Disagreement Over Who Should Be Responsible For Scooter Injuries

When people agree to participate in a recreational activity provided by a third-party in Minnesota, they are often required to sign an agreement that functions as a contract. This agreement usually provides both the company and the person participating a degree of protection. For the company, it is a protection of their assets and for participants, a protection of their safety and wellbeing. In cases where a person is injured during his or her participation, there can sometimes be disagreements over who is responsible for paying the costs associated with that person’s injuries.

An example to illustrate this point comes out of San Diego, California where users of scooters provided by a rental company are suing the business for injuries, they believe were wrongfully experienced because of negligence. In one such incident, a woman described being injured in a scooter crash that resulted in permanent damage to both of her hands and an estimated $8,000 in medical bills. She blamed the crash on faulty brakes on the scooter as she was riding downhill.

While injured participants are pressing for the company to take responsibility for their injuries, the company keeps referencing a contract that is required of each user to sign before a rental is approved. The lengthy contract addresses all sorts of legalities and ultimately protects the company from any wrongdoing once the scooter is rented and in possession of a user.

If people have been injured in an accident that they believe is the result of another person or company’s negligence, they may wish to hire an attorney to represent their case. Doing so may allow them to receive experienced legal help and focus more of their resources on their recovery.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune, “Injured scooter riders line up to sue Bird and Lime, but ‘user agreements’ could shield companies,” Joshua Emerson Smith, Nov. 5, 2018